% Arabica Xi’an G Park

Xi’an is the capital of the Shaanxi province and one of China’s most popular travel destinations. Regarded as the birthplace of Chinese civilization, it was once the capital city for the first unified Chinese empire. It’s also home to the famous Terracotta Warriors and many more historical monuments that represent the capital’s heritage.

In collaboration with Vertebral, an architectural studio based in Mexico City, our first store in Xi’an sets itself apart with a unique tower-like façade and verticality, while maintaining our usual clean and minimalist interiors. As you enter the glass doors, your gaze pulls upwards as the walls rise to 12 meters high. Covered with more than 4,000 slanted clay roof tiles, this design honors the legacy of the Terracotta Army through both material and repetition. An almost heavenly-like % logo shines down from the ceiling’s highest point.

Be sure to stop by our beautiful store and enjoy a cup of our delicious and timeless coffee while admiring the legacy of this historic city. Our friendly and passionate baristas look forward to your visit ***