% Arabica Toronto Union Station

Toronto’s Union Station is Canada’s busiest transportation hub. Every day, the station is packed with more than a quarter of a million passengers taking the trains. Take the time to look around and you’ll see how beautiful the station is. An example of Beaux-Arts architecture, the station features a vaulted ceiling and Greco-Roman style limestone columns, giving an almost cathedral-like appearance.

Located in a pocket of this busy station, our store stands out in its serene white finish. Our design partner Tacklebox designed the space to contrast the Beaux-Arts architecture style of the station’s exterior. The streamlined interior features sleek horizontal lines running through the length of the store. % Bean bags line neatly over the sleek counter and seating is provided on the side.

Our delicious cup of coffee is perfect to fuel your morning rush. Come and visit us at Union Station, our swift and passionate baristas are ready to serve you ***