% Arabica Singapore Marina Bay Sands

When Marina Bay Sands (MBS) opened in 2010, the entire resort transformed Singapore’s skyline and became one of the country’s most-visited destinations. The iconic hotel has three curved towers that resemble playing cards leaning against each other and were built this way to support the world’s longest cantilevered structure resting above. Shaped like a ship, the MBS SkyPark is perched 200 meters in the air and features a spacious observation deck and the world’s longest elevated swimming pool.

We worked with our trusted Japanese design partner, no. 10 of Nomura, to create minimalist interiors with our familiar all-white branding. Our signature % Bean Bags wrap around the store and reflect against the full mirrored ceiling, creating the illusion of a larger space. On the back wall, you can find our customized Chemex shelf light, which features the classic pour-over style glass coffeemaker. Don’t miss out on your favorite % Arabica merch displayed on both sides of the store!

Whether you’re shopping or sightseeing, be sure to drop by our store to have a cup of our simple and delicious coffee! Our friendly baristas look forward to your visit ***