% Arabica Shenzhen Luohu MixC

With the Luohu district being a major shopping hub of Shenzhen, travelers to the city are rushing to shop till they drop. The Luohu MixC is one of the best malls to do just that. And we at % Arabica are thrilled to set up shop in this hip destination.

Sleek and suave, this is one of the mall’s hippest corners. Made of glass blocks, our store stands out on the first floor. Lit % Signs are scattered across the facade. You can sit on the glass block bench where tables are cleverly fitted in place. Jazzing up the ambiance are the evergreen plants lodged on the seating area. Our iconic Chemex picnic tables outside are inviting you to chill.

Feel free to stop by our store and enjoy a cup of our simple and delicious coffee. Our friendly and passionate baristas look forward to your visit ***