% Arabica Shanghai TX Huaihai

Shanghai’s TX Huaihai, also known as the Youth Energy Center, is located on Huahai Road in Huangpu District. It’s a well-known destination in Shanghai’s shopping scene with a curated collection of trending pop-up shops and art installations. Here, many popular online fashion brands have launched their flagship stores to provide shoppers with unique shopping experiences outside of the digital space. And we’re excited to open a store at this trendy mall.

Our one-of-a-kind store was designed by NKAA Studio, a Vietnam-based architecture design firm, and is inspired by the distinctive hourglass shape of a Chemex, an iconic manual pour-over glass coffeemaker. Encasing the storefront, numerous rows of Chemex-shaped clear acrylic dangle in a grid formation that rustle and rotate as the wind blows. It’s complemented by a large door that is also shaped like the classic glassware, adding to the simple yet striking design. We hope you enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee at Shanghai TX Huaihai during your shopping trip. Our friendly baristas look forward to serving you ***