% Arabica Shanghai JC Plaza

Our 13th store in Shanghai can be found at Shanghai JC Plaza on 1225 West Nanjing Road. Known as Shanghai’s principal shopping district, Nanjing Road runs for several miles from East to West and is filled with vendors, boutiques, and malls.

Shanghai JC Plaza is one of the many shopping destinations in this busy district. Formerly the Shanghai JC Mandarin Hotel, the area has been transformed into an office tower with a high-end shopping center. With a mix of national and international high-end retail brands, shoppers at Shanghai JC Plaza are sure to find whatever it is they’re looking for.

Located on the first floor, our store was designed by no.10 of Nomurakougeisha and features custom % lights hanging from the ceiling as well as custom % tiles on the walls. It’s a small store, but we used mirrors on the walls which will make the store look spacious.

Please come by during your fun shopping day and enjoy our simple and delicious coffee. Our friendly baristas are waiting for you ***