% Arabica Shanghai 1000 Trees

Designed by renowned English architect and designer, Thomas Heatherwick, Shanghai 1000 Trees is like an homage to nature and the arts. It is close to the M50 arts district and has been decorated with graffiti art made by local and international artists. What really makes Shanghai 1000 stand out in the urban landscape are the hundreds of elegant columns with special planters housing clusters of locally-sourced plants.

Our new store is designed by no.10 of Nomurakougeisha and takes inspiration from this unique design. Incorporating architectural elements similar to the planters installed around the mall, the new store is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee while admiring the unique design of both the store and the mall it is located in.

Stop by our store to enjoy a cup of our simple, timeless coffee and admire the beauty of Shanghai 1000 Trees. Our friendly and passionate baristas can’t wait for your visit ***