% Arabica Oman Al Qurum

% Arabica Oman Al Qurum is our first store in the Sultanate of Oman. 
The store is located right in the heart of the capital city, Muscat, on Sayh al Malih Street – a bustling shopping and commercial district that also houses the headquarters of some of the largest oil companies in Oman, such as Orpic Refinery and the Shell Oman Main Office.
 The street opposite Sayh al Malih links to the Al Qurum Natural Park, where locals enjoy their walks in the sun or a jog with friends. This area is called “Al Qurum” because of the famous Al Qurum trees that only grow in this area.

When visiting our store, you can easily spot the long illuminated shelf holding Chemex brewers, which we use in all our stores to brew single origin coffees. We also serve espresso drinks made with our custom Slayer machine, and our baristas can help you select coffee beans to be roasted fresh on the spot for you to take home, so please come and enjoy a coffee with us very soon ***