% Arabica Kuwait Third Ring Road Drive Thru

Off the coast of Kuwait City’s promenade, Third Ring Road is one of the many paths that connect the capital to the rest of the community. While giving means to reduce traffic, there are plenty of stops along the road, and our new store is a must-visit. For the first time ever, % Arabica has integrated sports with leisure, introducing the % Arabica Padel Court. We want our loyal members to feel special, so this is an exclusive concept available to Gold Members of the % App (special rates apply).

Designed by no. 10 of Nomurakougeisha, this store features a repetitive facade of % patterned blocks to create a simple yet compelling design. The interiors showcase a seamless coexistence of mid-century and minimalist styles. This store makes the perfect co-working space because of its ample seating and charming ambiance.

Whether you’re on the go, looking for a place to be productive, or getting some exercise, we hope our customers enjoy having a cup of our delicious, timeless coffee. Open 24 hours a day, our friendly and passionate baristas look forward to your visit ***