% Arabica Kuwait Sixth Ring Road The Walk

Our store near the Sixth Ring Road can be found at The Walk Mall, one of Ardiya’s best shopping and entertainment destinations. The mall has a grand view of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium as well as a beautiful garden and an outdoor walkway. While taking a relaxing stroll around The Walk, why not stop for a cup of delicious coffee?

Our regular design partner, no.10 of Nomurakougeisha, transformed the unassuming box-shaped interior into a welcoming and harmonious space through the use of gentle curves. As you enter our store, the wavelike ceiling leads your eyes to the counter. The edges and corners are softened by rounded chairs and tables. From the Chemex-inspired picnic tables, booth seating, and rounded long tables, you are sure to find a good place to sit and enjoy our simple and delicious coffee. We hope you stop by our new store at The Walk. Our friendly baristas look forward to serving you ***