% Arabica Kuwait Murouj Drive Thru

% Arabica Murouj is the first % Arabica store in the world to provide a quick and easy drive-thru experience. Customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy their favourite coffee in the comfort of their car during Kuwait’s hot summers! Located in Murouj, a popular lifestyle destination offering some of the best restaurants and entertainment in Kuwait — % Arabica Murouj acts as a getaway amidst bustling Kuwait City.

With a perfect greenhouse interior setting, our store provides a relaxing and peaceful ambience filled with natural light and indoor plants. After the heatwave season, we welcome our guests to the outdoor seating area to enjoy the scenery as it overlooks the Equestrian Club’s racecourse and Murouj’s exceptional water fountains. Our first ever drive-thru store is an exciting new addition to the % Arabica store portfolio, and we look forward to welcoming you for your favourite coffee and freshly roasted beans very soon ***