% Arabica Kuwait Assima Mall

Our tenth store in Kuwait is at the Assima Mall near Kuwait City’s business district. Taking its name from the Arabic word for “capital,” Assima Mall offers six levels of shopping, entertainment, and leisure opportunities for families, locals, and cosmopolitan travelers. The mall has many stores that offer a mix of contemporary and high-street brands, some of which are debuting in Kuwait. Combining modern architecture, Assima Mall features urban parks and rooftop cafes to utilize outdoor spaces with finesse.

For this store, the design team of Cigue crafted a coffee pavilion. The white brick walls pay homage to local clay constructions and desert ephemeral installations found on the outskirts of the city as well as fit with % Arabica’s simple minimalist style. Stretched canvas covers the top and sides of the pavilion while allowing light to pass through the translucent material. Guests can choose to sit at the seats within the pavilion or enjoy their coffee al fresco at the outdoor seating area. Wherever they decide to sit, they can admire the pavilion’s unique architecture from any side.

We hope you take time to enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee while out on a fun shopping trip at Assima Mall. Our friendly baristas look forward to serving you ***