% Arabica Jakarta Roastery

Our store is located along the trendy JI. Gunawarman street, which is home to some of the best restaurants and shopping in South Jakarta. In the midst of this bustling district, our roastery is here to give you the finest specialty coffee.

Ciguë, an architecture studio based in France, has created a simple yet modern tropical design with just the right balance of wood and our usual white branding. As you step inside our store, a high ceiling with a beautiful skylight welcomes you. Take the staircase to the second floor and have a seat while enjoying the view and the rich aroma of the coffee beans roasting below. Here you can see the Probat industrial roaster, considered as the best and trusted by coffee roasters in the industry! At the ground floor, towards the leftmost side of the counter, custom-roasted beans are also available for you to take home.

Opening a roastery in Indonesia has long been a goal of ours at % Arabica. After much planning and preparation, the country’s first roastery is finally open! Be sure to stop by to enjoy a cup of our delicious and timeless coffee. Our friendly baristas look forward to your visit ***