% Arabica Hong Kong IFC

This store location is very special for us.

Our very first % Arabica store opened in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong in February 2013.  At first, the business was pretty tough.  Even though many media outlets featured our store and the shop became popular, Discovery Bay remained a distant location for many customers. In addition, Discovery Bay is a residential town for expats working in Hong Kong, and many of them would leave for vacation in the summer. This meant our business slowed down drastically, and frustrated the baristas, who seemed to leave after every summer.

To cope with all the obstacles, our founder, Kenneth, moved the flagship store to Kyoto and we have become a more recognised coffee brand since then. Now, we have returned to Hong Kong. This time, at a prime location in Central, a location that’s well-known, yet as exciting as ever. It is the first store when you enter IFC after getting off the ferry from Discovery Bay.

For us, this store will always be a symbol of us going over the obstacles with ideas, close collaboration with our hard-working staff, and doing the business upwards to challenge the world 24/7, 365 days a year.Let us serve you with our best coffee – filled with love and passion for the business.  We will fight hard to keep this location for years to come and excel at every stage possible ***