% Arabica Msheireb Downtown Doha

The first % Arabica store in Qatar is located in Msheireb Downtown, the old business district in the capital city Doha. Msheireb Downtown is currently being revived into the world’s first ecological downtown renewal project. The area is inclusive of museums, beautiful Arabic-style mansions, contemporary architecture, as well as a market rich with history. The area is a must-visit in Doha, as it showcases the best of traditional and modern Qatari culture.

Our % store is open and expansive, filled with natural light flowing through the floor-to-ceiling windows, coupled with wooden benches for you to sit and relax on with a coffee after strolling through the area. We also offer comfortable courtyard seating in front of the store, where you can view the fountains right across the way. It’s also very easy to drive by the store to pick up your order, so make sure to try one of our best sellers, the Spanish Latte! We are excited to welcome you to % Arabica coffee in the heart of Doha ***