% Arabica Beijing Taikoo Li

After the launch of our signature % Trailer in Beijing, we are pleased to announce the launch of our second store in Taikoo Li, Sanlitun. You will see our official store location tucked away at the corner of the southern wing of Sanlitun.
For this store, we are excited to collaborate with designer Shuhei Aoyama, who has lived in Beijing for over a decade. His approach for the project was to blend the classic Beijing local architectural style with the % Arabica understated, minimalistic approach.
From first glance, this store is a brick house with a local ‘Hutong’ style. Next to this we have the floor-to-ceiling window facade that gives customers inside an expansive vista of the outside scenery. In addition, Aoyama-San used botanical greenery inside the shop to bring touches of nature to contrast the industrial grey brick internal aesthetic.
We welcome everyone to come and hide away in our warm brick house with a steaming hot coffee, to sit and enjoy the amazing sight of falling snow during the winter months ***