% Arabica Beijing Indigo

With Beijing’s 798 Art District close by, Indigo Mall takes inspiration from the capital’s thriving arts scene by giving visitors an eclectic shopping and dining experience. It’s a great destination for visitors on their way to or from the Art District with all the luxury boutiques and gourmet restaurants. A vast indoor park covered by a sweeping glass rooftop provides one with a place to relax while walking about and lets in plenty of natural light.

Located on the ground floor, our store is designed by Vietnam-based design studio NKAA. Taking inspiration from the lattice pattern of the mall’s roof, the designer has crafted custom glass blocks bearing our % logo. Delicately configured, the glass blocks create a deceptively lightweight interior. Indoor plants line the store like a greenhouse, complimenting the sleek design. As you approach the counter, your attention is drawn to the tableau of % coffee beans on the side.

Our garden-like store is the perfect place to unwind. We have stools and banquette seating wrapped in % fabric for everyone. Come and visit us at Indigo Mall! Our baristas will be happy to serve you ***