% Arabica Bangkok Park Silom

Regarded as Thailand’s Wall Street, Silom is one of Bangkok’s upcoming urban lifestyle hotspots. With a vision of becoming a “Third Space Retail”, Park Silom has the best of local and international high-end brands to make it the shopping destination for the new generation of young professionals looking for a bit of luxury.

Designed by no. 10 of Nomura, our store features a circular counter with a round canopy floating over it. Hanging from it is an array of Chemex glassware tied in the middle by a lighting strip connected end to end. % Bean bags are encapsulated in round niches adorning our walls and our signature merch items are delicately placed on suspended rings. Popping against the crisp white interior are hanging green plants. As you explore this dynamic neighborhood, come and stop by our store. Our friendly baristas are ready with a delicious cup of coffee just for you ***