% Arabica Xiamen The MixC

The first % Arabica store for Xiamen lands in The MixC shopping centre.

As one of China’s most liveable cities, Xiamen is known for its gorgeous seascape and nearby UNESCO world heritage site, Gulangyu Island. Many use Xiamen as a stopping-off point for Gulangyu, one of the highlights of the entire province. There you will find great local architecture, lush gardens and beaches, as well as hip boutique cafes and hotels. The island feels like a kind of Chinese Mediterranean. Also known for it’s seafood and Fujian cuisine, Xiamen is always a wonderful place for a weekend escape.

Walking across the open plaza of The MixC, you will see our store with the newest Chemex shaped outdoor picnic tables, where you can enjoy a sunny afternoon. The interior design incorporates a futuristic approach, with orderly rows of understated lighting.Make sure you take time to grab a coffee from us while strolling around The MixC or passing by on route to work ***