% Arabica Suzhou Joy Breeze

Our first store in the city of Suzhou can be found near Suzhou Joy Breeze’s Joy Plaza. The Suzhou Joy Breeze is a retail hub at the heart of Suzhou’s busy Xiangcheng District that aims to be a place where local residents and cosmopolitans with a love for travel can enjoy great shopping and entertainment opportunities as they explore Joy Breeze’s vast network of retail streets, shopping center, and high-end shops.

For this location, no. 10 of Nomurakougeisha has designed a large store with sleek, all-white interiors. The minimalist approach to design combined with line lighting gives the store a clean and modern look complete with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating.

Feel free to come and enjoy our simple, timeless coffee while taking a break from a busy day of shopping. Our friendly baristas look forward to seeing you ***