% Arabica Singapore Jewel Changi Airport

When we first visited Jewel Changi Airport in 2019, it was a great surprise to witness the future of the airport shopping mall right before us. The massive waterfall at the centre of the building, its surrounding forest, and skytrains running throughout the space feel like a scene straight out of Star Wars.

”We need to open our store here,” said our founder Kenneth, so we moved right away. Luckily, we secured the last retail space available. We started designing right away, with no.10 of Nomurakougeisha.

Whenever we’re in Singapore, we love staying at the Garden Wing of the Shangri-la Hotel. Its mid-century garden wing has beautiful vase design all throughout, so we decided to pay homage to this timeless look. The result was a relaxing, airy space surrounded by plants, which we feel is a perfect design for the nature of Singapore.

Our store is a stone’s throw away from The Rain Vortex, which you can’t miss at the middle of the building. Please take a seat to enjoy our simple, timeless coffee and take in the beautiful architecture, or explore the forest valley and experience the future of the world ***