% Arabica Shenyang Forum 66

Shenyang is known for its rich history. As the seat of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty and the former capital of China, the city is full of historical monuments and museums dedicated to telling the city’s story.

Our second store in Shenyang opens in Forum 66 at Qingnian Da Jie, the “Golden Corridor” of Shenyang’s Finance & Trade Zone. The site features twin Grade A office towers, a five-story shopping mall, and a hotel located on the first office tower’s 66th to 88th floors. Lantern-like crowns on the Forum sparkle during the day and becomes glowing beacons at night while the mall’s curving architecture mimics the flow of a river.

Our second store is a lovely kiosk by the Austrian design studio, Precht, with a fun tubular design. The kiosk can be expanded with the addition of a few components and is a great place to stop by for coffee on the go. Take a break from shopping at Forum 66 or come down from the office to enjoy our simple timeless coffee. Our friendly baristas look forward to serving you ***