% Arabica Shanghai West Jianguo Road

Welcome to our fifth % Arabica store in Shanghai! We were excited to again collaborate with Shuhei Aoyoma to design this West Jianguo location.

In contrast to the traditional Hutong style that Aoyama-San designed for us in Beijing, Jianguo Road has infused a hybrid Eastern and Western approach. The store is located in an area that used to belong to the French Concession, which is now part of a culture preservation zone in the city.

Walk along the West Jianguo Road, lined with sycamore trees, and follow the rich smell of coffee to find % Arabica tucked away at the back of a huge curved glass facade.

Holding a cup of Spanish latte, take a seat in the store surrounded by plants, or take a stroll under the sycamore trees to search for well-preserved mansions and enchanting gardens in the area. Whatever your choice, we look forward to seeing you for your favourite % Arabica coffee very soon ***