% Arabica Shanghai Film Art Center

We’re proud to present our new store in Shanghai’s Film Art Center. Having undergone a renovation in 2022, it is now bigger and even more luxurious. Cinephiles will enjoy watching the latest films in Shanghai’s biggest cinema and the site for the highly-anticipated annual Shanghai International Film Festival. You can even get a sneak peek at what’s playing on the giant 3-D screen up on the ceiling in the main atrium!

For this location, we’ve teamed up with Madrid-based architecture group, SelgasCano, to craft a store that’ll be a welcome sight to moviegoers. Screaming bright yellow against the center’s clean white facade, our store is sure to catch your attention. Its organic form mirrors the gentle curves of the renovated film center. Get your order from one of the sleek windows popping out from our glass walls. As you reflect on what movies to watch, enjoy our coffee at the seating area outside.

Stop by our store and grab a cup of our delicious coffee before watching a movie at Shanghai Film Art Center. Our friendly baristas look forward to your visit ***