% Arabica Shanghai Daxue Road

The 16th % Arabica store in Shanghai can be found at Daxue Road in the Yangpu District. Daxue Road is near two universities and is popular among students and Shanghai’s youth. It’s regarded as one of the most beautiful streets in the city. Buildings are livened up by local street art and the entire street is filled with boutiques and cafes selling unique artworks, clothes, and snacks.

Our store here is designed by no.10 of Nomurakougeisha and is tucked into the corner of the street, with ample outdoor seating and lush plants growing in planter boxes decorated with the % logo. When viewed from the side, the outdoor picnic tables have minimalist representations of the Chemex jugs. Step inside and take a seat by the storefront window on cushioned benches containing tiny % logos stitched into the fabric. Admire the custom Chemex lamps giving off a warm glow as you take in the sights of both the store and the street as people pass by outside.

This store at Daxue Road is a nice and cozy spot to sit down and enjoy a cup of simply delicious coffee. Stop on by. Our talented baristas look forward to your visit ***