% Arabica Riyadh Roastery

Welcome to our biggest roastery in the world! Our central roastery for Saudi Arabia is at Riyadh’s Welfare Center in the upscale Hittin District. This roastery is equipped with 60kg and 22kg Probat roasting machines together with four Slayer Espresso machines to cope with the roastery’s high levels of production and to ensure continuous operation.

For the store design, we collaborated with no.10 of Nomurakougeisha to design a grand white space with lots of seating booths on both sides parted by sheer curtains. The huge roastery operation can be seen from all the seats, and you can experience our pure passion for coffee and design.

We hope this new roastery will be a good addition to Saudi Arabia’s specialty coffee culture, and we look forward to serving our simple delicious coffee to you ***