% Arabica RAK Manar Mall

Ras Al Khaimah has gained a reputation as one of the most spectacular destinations in the UAE. Adventurers and thrill seekers can go sandboarding in the Al Wadi desert or hit the waves at the beaches stretching across the Arabian Gulf. Meanwhile, cosmopolitan travelers can get the royal treatment at the many luxurious boutique hotels, restaurants, malls.

The Manar Mall is located at an impressive waterfront promenade in the heart of the Al Uraibi neighborhood. Our kiosk is located near the mall’s main entrance from the promenade so you can’t miss it. Designed by Precht, our kiosk sports a unique tubular design that can easily expand by adding a few components like a Lego set.

We have ample seating available, so please come enjoy our simple and timeless coffee. Our friendly baristas look forward to your visit ***