% Arabica New York Nolita

NoLiTa is short for North of Little Italy and is a well-known neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. While no longer considered part of Little Italy, the place still possesses its lovely charm and has now attracted a crowd of young, hip urbanites looking to make their mark in the city that never sleeps.

Our store was designed by Cigue and exudes the charm and warmth of New York City. Bricks line the walls, reflecting the historic masonry buildings in its neighborhood. Staged on warm wood flooring, the crisp white counters and shelves are in contrast with the reddish brown bricks. % Bean Bags are tucked neatly behind the counter and indoor plants add a splash of green.

With the vibe of a cool NYC loft, our store is the perfect place to hang out. As you explore this concrete jungle, don’t forget to stop by our store. Our baristas are ready with a cup of delicious coffee for you ***