% Arabica Nanjing MixC World

The mixed-activity development of MixC World is located in the historic city of Nanjing. Situated within the ancient city’s Sanshan District, it’s where past meets future with an original Yunzhang Gongso building that serves as a landmark and historic cultural gathering area.

Our store is located on the first floor, a few steps away from the main entrance. Designed by no. 10 of NOMURA, our sleek yet simple store showcases rows of the iconic Chemex glassware throughout the back wall. The mirrors also show the continuity of the Chemex lighting and the kitchen counter, which give an illusion of a larger space.

Whether you want your drink to-go or seated, we hope our customers enjoy having a cup of our delicious, timeless coffee. Our friendly and passionate baristas look forward to your visit ***