% Arabica Nanjing IFC Kiosk

Located atop Nanjing Metro Yuantong Station, Nanjing IFC is a stately landmark in the city. The dark blue facade of its two Grade A office buildings and boutique hotel gives the whole IFC complex a futuristic appearance. Very fitting for a city known for its fast-paced development and advancements in scientific and environmental research.

Austrian design studio, Precht, has designed a cute little kiosk that’s located on the fourth level of Nanjing IFC shopping mall. This elegant kiosk is designed to be modular, allowing it to adapt to different locations and demands. This versatility ensures that the kiosk can provide optimal functionality and convenience. As the kiosk doors rotate, take a moment to appreciate the details and notice the minimalist rendition of our iconic % logo.

Stop by our kiosk at Nanjing IFC for a cup of our simple and delicious coffee. Our friendly baristas look forward to serving you ***