% Arabica Nanjing Deji Plaza 3F

% Arabica has returned to Nanjing Deji Plaza with another store as a companion to our current “crystal box” one in Phase 2. We hope fans of our timeless coffee will enjoy the presence of our second branch in Deji Plaza.

We’ve collaborated with NKAA to create an exciting new store on the third floor that combines elegance and innovative use of our iconic % logo. Draping elegantly over our curved counter are acrylic plates bearing the %. Wall mirrors widen the compact space and reflect the rattling plates. Just a few steps away is the seating area, composed of a Chemex-inspired circular table. Cutting across it are evergreen plants flowering % signs that add a light touch of green against the white space.

Come and visit us and enjoy a cup of coffee in our second store in Nanjing Deji Plaza! Our baristas will be delighted to serve you ***