% Arabica Marrakech M Avenue

Our second store in Morocco is at Marrakech M Avenue – a trendy location in the so-called “Red City” – where rich heritage and cosmopolitan modernity come together in harmony. M Avenue is a 500-meter open-air shopping area with more than 120 shops, including some of the greatest fashion and design creators, and prestigious residential areas. Also housed in this location is Meydene, an interactive cultural center where visitors can experience Moroccan art and culture.

Inspired by traditional local craftwork and the fountains found in the riads (interior gardens) of Marrakech houses and palaces, French designer Cigue has created an elegant space for our second location in Morocco. With White Stucco interiors and handmade enameled tile work, the store has a simple, white, and smooth design. Rammed earth counters, benches, and standing tables as well as benches dressed in vibrant textiles from the local souks (markets) give the space a touch of Moroccan flair while a large mirror installed in the back wall gives the illusion of a larger space. Customers can admire the Chemex fountain installation inspired by local riad fountains found in Marrakech’s interior gardens while enjoying their coffee.

We hope you come and visit our second location in beautiful Morocco and enjoy our simple, timeless coffee. Our friendly baristas await your visit ***