% ARABICA Kyoto Fujii Daimaru

Our first two stores (Higashiyama and Arashiyama) are both nestled within globally-revered tourist districts of Kyoto, Japan.  Due to this, we often become crowded with visitors from around the world, making it difficult for locals to beat the long ques.  So when we began looking for our third location, we aimed for a central area that would be more accessible for our native Kyoto customers.

It just so happened that at the time, a popular fashion department store, known as “Fujii Daimaru”, kindly offered us a space on their ground floor and we relished the opportunity to join!

% Arabica Kyoto Fujii Daimaru is located on Sijyo Street (4th Street) in the heart of Kyoto.  It’s considered to be the most convenient area in Kyoto with a plethora of shops and restaurants to choose from.  One notable feature with regards to our Fujii Daimaru store is the extra seating space, so you won’t be lacking for a place to rest with a cup of good coffee.  If you would like something to nibble on, there is an excellent supermarket on the underground floor, so you are welcome to bring a snack to enjoy with your coffee.