% ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama

It was serendipitous grace that allowed % Arabica’s founder, Kenneth, to find what has now become %Arabica’s Arashiyama’s store. During a night of location hunting on the web, Ken discovered this beautiful location near the historical Togetsukyo Bridge and Ooi River. Seeing a golden opportunity, he immediately booked a next-day flight from his home base of Hong Kong to Japan, and went to see the landlord.

Although the landlord was initially reluctant, having plans to sell the surrounding plot, he later visited Arabica’s Higashiyama store and luckily agreed to rent the land to Ken for as long as he desired.

Our store is in front of the Arashiyama Mountain, Ooi River, and Togetsukyo Bridge. Foreign and domestic tourists flock here to see Tenryū-ji, a UNESCO World Heritage temple with a heavenly garden, and the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

There are also several small temples scattered around the area – making it a great place to escape the city and simply wander. Generally, peak times are during the afternoon, so to avoid a long wait, please visit us for a morning coffee with a gorgeous view.