% Arabica Kuwait The Avenues

% Arabica The Avenues is located in the largest mall in Kuwait, also the second largest in the Gulf region.
The mall is located in the Rai area extending from Fifth Ring Road to the south and Al Ghazali Highway to the east.

We opened our store in Phase 4 of the Avenues, inside and area called The Forum, a completely white modern space influenced by the major cities of the world: Los Angeles, Milan, London. This contemporary metropolitan shopping experience is also architecturally inspired by Piazza San Marco in Venice, a design challenge that % Arabica was happy to to take with the store’s beautiful facade, promenade and outside seating area.

With over 1000 stores, The Avenues are known as one of the most popular touristic destinations for shopping and leisure, which in turn reflects on % Arabica positively as we get visitors from all over the world visiting us to ‘See Kuwait Through Coffee’. We look forward to welcoming you here soon, as you take in the stunning location with your favourite coffee as a pause from a long day of shopping ***