% Arabica Kuwait Roastery

Shuwaikh is essentially a former island of Kuwait within Kuwait Bay, and an archaeological site with pieces dating back to 2000 BCE. This former island is now known for its eclectic mix of modern industry and ancient charm, with Shuwaikh port considered to be the main commercial port in the country.

Over the years it has become the central spot for extravagant cultural and social gatherings. 

% Arabica Kuwait Roastery Shuwaikh is the second largest % Arabica store in Kuwait, and it represents something of a breakthrough in % Arabica’s history.

What makes this place so special is the blend of typical cafe flow, expansive seating area and commercial speciality coffee roastery all under one roof. 
Here, customers gaze over from their seats to experience first hand the roasting process as our team get to work preparing fresh beans on our vintage 1950’s Probat Roaster, the only one of its kind in Kuwait.

We are so excited and proud of this unique location. We look forward to hosting you soon as you learn about and enjoy first hand the exciting process of specialty coffee roasting and brewing ***