% Arabica Kuwait Jabriya Drive Thru

Our fourth drive-thru in Kuwait is located in the Jabriya District of Kuwait City, home to prime residential areas and top schools. It’s well known for being a safe and inclusive community. A satisfying cup of coffee is key to a productive day, whether you’re heading to work, school, or just venturing out. With this new store, we’re happy to provide the residents of Jabriya with just that.

Our trusted Japanese design partner, no. 10 of Nomura, has created a minimalist house-shaped structure with % Arabica’s signature all-white branding. We incorporated a splash of yellow along the seating area, together with our customized tables and chairs inspired by the iconic Chemex glassware, creating unique and inviting interiors. Rows of our % Bean Bags are also beautifully arranged above the kitchen to add warmth and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

We hope you can make the time to drop by our store, either for a cozy dining experience or a convenient to-go option with a cup of our simple and delicious coffee. Our talented baristas look forward to your visit ***