% Arabica Kuwait Arraya Plaza

The third % Arabica store to open in Kuwait City, Arraya Plaza is nestled between skyscrapers and surrounded by a garden that gives it a picturesque and modern vibe, a gardenia that inspires a moment’s reflection in a busy urban environment.

% Arabica Arraya is known for its architectural design, with its unique rose steel door, asymmetric flow and spacious outdoor seating area that truly highlights our love for high quality, functional design.

Situated in the heart of Kuwait’s downtown, we quickly grew to become one of the trendiest destinations in the area. Tourists and locals alike take time out from a busy day of shopping Arraya Plaza or on neighboring Al-Shuhada St to take a break with us.

% Arabica Arraya welcomes those seeking a meeting or event location, owing to the expansive outdoor area, shaded from Kuwait’s shimmering hot weather and cooled by a refreshing passing breeze.

A picturesque place for an easy switch from non-stop business to a relaxing morning, evening or even night, we look forward to welcoming you for a pause in your day with your favourite coffee some time soon ***