% Arabica Hangzhou OōEli Roastery

“Remembering the Fair South, as always, it is Hangzhou I most recall.” This quote from Bai Ju Yi, one of China’s most famous poets, is an ode this beloved city. Our third % Arabica store in Hangzhou is situated in OōEli, a community owned by JNBY, a renowned Chinese apparel brand known for its diversity, creativity and eclectic collaborations. Our store is part of a comprehensive art park that integrates offices, retail outlets, a museum and an art centre all in one eclectic hub.

This % Arabica store is designed around transparency and vast, open space. The cafe rises high with translucent pillars and towering floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior design presents a steady ambience that embodies simplicity and minimalism. Our bar is set up in the centre, which you can walk and sit around. We have an elevated customer drink-in area too, where we look forward to serving your favourite % Arabica coffee as you unwind and take in the timeless design and expansive landscape ***