% Arabica Hangzhou Kerry Center

There’s a Chinese saying, “Above, there is heaven; below, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Hangzhou is a charismatic and bustling city and is the capital of Zhejiang Province.
Since ancient times, Hangzhou has been the economic, political and cultural center of this area of China. It is well known for producing excellent silks, and China’s most famous green tea – Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea). In recent times, the city has become a tech and e-commerce hub and has an ever-expanding commercial status.

Our first store here is found in the plaza of the fashionable Kerry Center, which is also close to the famous West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The store is instantly recognizable by its huge bean sack store façade, which passersby admire as they walk on the bustling shopping street outside. The illuminated bean store motif continues inside, and a rising amphitheater effect seating area lined with stools and tables cascades to meet the expansive island style counter and service area.

Glass walls reveal our coffee roastery station, and the counter flows into a green bean display counter. Here, customers can choose from a variety of different green coffees, and our experienced baristas will roast the beans in just a few minutes for you to take home and brew, so you can enjoy the freshest roasted coffee every week.

Take a moment out of your shopping day as we welcome you to take your favorite coffee in the distinctive seating area surrounded by heady aroma of roasting coffee. The beautiful city of Hangzhou, with all its natural charm and modern amenities is the perfect fit for % Arabica and we look forward to hosting you here very soon ***