% Arabica Hangzhou Alibaba Campus

Welcome to our fifth store in the city of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is the hometown of China’s e-commerce and tech giant, Alibaba. In March 2018, we were invited to a campus tour and we were impressed with their vast and modern campus. We saw a Costa Coffee at the front entrance and our founder, Kenneth, immediately asked the Alibaba team if we could open a store on the campus. They replied, ”Sure, let’s do that when the opportunity comes in the future.”

We waited for three years, and we finally got the opportunity. For the store design, we collaborated with the Austrian design studio, Precht, and installed their amazing kiosk in a simple white space with mirrors and our signature % stool counter seats. The Hangzhou Alibaba campus is like a big university, and there are so many young IT people working around the clock, so we are pleased to back up their caffeine needs.

This store is not open to the public, but if you visit the Alibaba Campus in the future, please look for % mark. Our friendly baristas are waiting for your visit ***