% Arabica Guangzhou Parc Central

Finally, we bring % Arabica to Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province. In the mid-18th century, Guangzhou emerged to be one of the world’s greatest trading ports. Ever since, Guangzhou has played a crucial role in China’s political and economic history. Besides commerce, food is one of Guangzhou’s most well-known characteristics.

Our first outlet in Guangzhou is located at Parc Central, in the heart of the city. Parc Central is adjacent to some of the city’s most impressive architectural clusters, such as the sky-piercing Canton Tower, Guangdong Museum and the Guangzhou Opera House.

For this store, we’ve employed a bright and uncluttered interior that is connected to an ample open terrace, with an ornamental green plant wall that faces the squared garden of Parc Central. Drinking an iced coffee, sitting on the breezy terrace, overlooking the city vista will give you a moment to refresh and reflect in this bustling, quintessentially Chinese city ***