% Arabica Guangzhou K11

Our second store in Guangzhou is found at K11 in an area called “Bistro Street” where shopping, art exhibitions, gourmet restaurants and bars all come together in one experience.

Each floor of K11 has its own theme, style and flow. The first floor of the complex is decked out entirely in a chic contemporary art style. You will find our second store in Guangzhou on level B1, with its long passageways of eateries and food stores resembling an indoor market, a great look and feel that we really enjoy being a part of.

The design incorporates classic % Arabica motifs. Rows of high stools and counter tables, a large floating coffee sack display, expansive mirrored surfaces that enhance the extra wide profile of the store itself. The island style counter flows at ninety degrees into a green bean display section, where customers can select from a wide variety of green coffees to be roasted in-store straight away on our Tornado King roaster for you to take home and enjoy.

Take time out from a busy day shopping in K11 to drink a coffee, pause and reflect on the style and timeless % Arabica design that brings a place to unwind to the K11 shopping centre and to the bustling city of Guangzhou ***