% Arabica Doha Vendome

Our second store in Qatar is at the seafront city of Lusail at Place Vendome. Aiming to be one of Qatar’s top travel destinations, Lusail has several attractions where travelers and cosmopolitans can enjoy shopping and fine dining. Our store is located at Place Vendome. Inspired by the architecture of romantic Paris, the mall’s design is reminiscent of the famous, high-end shopping street of Rue de la Paix where the original Place Vendome is also located. Taking advantage of its seafront location, Place Vendome features a canal running through it directly from the sea, giving it an open plaza experience with cafes and restaurants overlooking the water.

We’ve teamed up with no. 10 of Nomurakougeisha to create a store inspired by local culture while still keeping a minimalistic aesthetic. Inspired by the traditional thobe garments worn in the Arabian peninsula and surrounding Arab countries, the ribbed glass layers in the store have various sizes. They create unique overlap effects from different angles depending on where you sit. Seat area options behind the ribbed glass allow one to still feel the presence of other customers and the greenery while giving some privacy to enjoy our coffee in peace. Luminous % signs hang from the ceilings and give off a soft glow that adds to the store’s calm atmosphere.

We hope visitors to the Place Vendome will take the time to stop by our store and enjoy our delicious specialty coffee. Our friendly baristas look forward to your visit ***