% Arabica Chengdu Wide and Narrow

% Arabica’s second location in Chengdu is found in Wide and Narrow Alley, at the epicentre of Chengdu culture. The city is a melting pot of history and modernity, which you can recognise in the long streets and countless courtyards of Wide and Narrow Alley. This is not simply a bustling area of food and art, but a historical and cultural reserve, dating back to the Qing dynasty of the 1600s.

Our store embraces this blend of traditional and modern by keeping to our signature design while retaining the original construction and facade of the location. You can sit under the shade of our tree at the front of the store, and take in the traditional brick-and-stone exterior. Walk inside, and you’ll appreciate the view from the seating area, which revolves around a beautiful indoor pond. This harmonious cohesion of folk culture and modernity happens here with % Arabica, where we help you to See The World Through Coffee ***