% Arabica Chengdu Taikoo Li 2F

We’ve returned to the iconic Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li with a new store. Chengdu’s Taikoo Li fuses modern and contemporary with the historical architecture of the city. Along with luxury stores and gourmet restaurants housed in traditional-style buildings, the complex includes historical landmarks like the Daci Temple and Huguang Guild Hall.

Like its sister store, % Arabica called on Austrian studio Precht to craft a design that highlights the Japanese minimalist aesthetic. Perfectly blending in the scenic surrounding of brown hues, our store on the second floor is marked by artificial shingle stone roofing. A charming arch crowns the entrance, welcoming you to our cozy corner. After getting your coffee from the counter, you may enjoy it at the % Table and Stools outside and take in the breathtaking view of the street.

% Arabica inspires not just with good coffee, but also with a harmonious mixture of old and new design. Let it draw you in with the spirit of its incredible space and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee ***