% Arabica Chengdu SKP

Chengdu is one of our favorite destinations in China. It’s known for its loveable giant pandas and its reputation as a metropolitan city, but still retains local culture and tradition. Our sixth store in Chengdu can be found in the Wuhou District, one of the largest urban districts in the city, at the new SKP shopping mall.

Designed by Archiee, an architecture & design studio established in Paris, this store stands out a bit from the rest as we added a natural touch of color to our familiar all-white branding. The copper-colored concrete allows our white kitchen to stand out. By the windows, we have our original % Bar Stools for ample seating, as well as Chemex shaped benches at the center of the store to match the same material as our countertops. Numerous tiny % logos are also intricately scattered around the storefront.

Be sure to stop by our store to enjoy a cup of our simple and timeless coffee. Our friendly and passionate baristas look forward to your visit ***