% Arabica Berlin Kreuzberg

This is our flagship store for whole Europe.

We chose an area called Kreuzberg where young and old hippies, immigrants, artists and hipsters like to live.  The space is big.  150m² open space, and we showed our respect to a great German design by creating a shop interior following the iconic Braun designer, Dieter Rams.  Our seating area, bean cellar, shop counter, etc are all homage to his amazing product design.

This store also has a big kitchen, which is a new challenge for our brand.  We hired two young chefs, Tyler from America, and Paulo from Italy, and they will cook local grown, fresh, simple and healthy breakfast and lunch.

As for coffee, it’s filled with our usual passion for serving the best beans with the most dedicated way.  Our founder, Kenneth owns a coffee farm in Hawaii, and we trade green beans from all over the world.  We even offer the beans from Ninety Plus Coffee, who are creating barista champions in so many countries.

This store is filled with our passion for coffee, food, design, and seeing the world.

Please visit us and let’s ”See the World Through Coffee” together.