% Arabica Beijing Wangfu Central

Wangfujing Street is only a stone’s throw away from the Forbidden City and Beijing’s Central Business District. This street has evolved to become a destination for cosmopolitans looking to do leisure and shopping. Wangfu Central is a luxury flagship that features an authentically new Beijing lifestyle experience where one can find inspiration, enjoy culture, and be part of a new global perspective.

Our store is located along Wangfu Central’s main atrium and designed by no. 10 of Nomurakougeisha. Our compact space allows customers to have a look at our minimal interiors like the familiar Chemex lighting, original % Amplifier and % Switchboard, and global map. Don’t forget to check out our merchandise shelf too, where you can find your favorite % Arabica merch! Right across our counter, we have provided a simple but unique seating area with a beautiful backdrop of this luxurious mall. Adding to the elegance is the use of our signature % Pendant Lights and LED lights that emit a bright glow that visitors can see even from other floors.

Whether you’re shopping or just looking around the mall, make sure to stop by our store to have a cup of our simple and delicious coffee. Our friendly baristas look forward to your visit ***