% Arabica Bangkok QSNCC

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) has been Thailand’s premier location for conventions and important events. Having undergone renovation, its amphitheater is now five times larger and even grander than before. Visitors are sure to notice the design elements taken from traditional Thai textile and architecture and even Queen Sirikit’s wardrobe.

Our store is located at the pocket end of QSNCC’s lower main grounds. Adopting the amphitheater’s smooth contours to the outdoor seating area, our design partner M.L.K.K created a space that mirrors the dynamic outside. Sheerly bounded by glass walls, the outdoor seating steps seamlessly flow to the inside of the store as a counter. Adding a splash of fun, just right before the entrance is a see-saw modeled from our % logo.

The next time you are in QSNCC, don’t forget to come by and visit! Enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee! Our friendly baristas will be there to serve you ***